Vestal To Bring Android Gaming To Your Big Screen

Is Android about to invade the average living room? It sure seems like it. Sleek and far more have come together to offer Android game titles worldwide television. You’ve heard of the game for Android phones will soon fly to your HDTV 55 “The two companies.

vestalgame Vestal To Bring Android Gaming To Your Big Screen<!  DONTREWRITE  >Launched the first all you can eat subscription television services Android game, and as the provider of games demand Vestel Smart Box Set-Top Box (STB), as most will offer consumers the best and most fully optimize the Android game for the first time on television.

You may wonder why something like this would be of importance. But the game on television was something new. Much of the smart TV now offer an application store, which mostly contains the game. It seems just another way to get the game you’re probably familiar with the platform used by many people participate in every day.

By partnering with a greater extent, customers will benefit from Vestel operator platform content programming GameTanium sophisticated technology and cutting edge, ensuring a broad catalog of titles that Android is optimized for the games on television. GameTanium is the only Games on Demand allows operators to extend their brands, offering entertainment and customer service in the new screens, such as mobile phones and TV, increase average revenue per user (ARPU) and strengthen loyalty branding and retention.

Coming soon, GameTanium will deliver the experience that gamers have only dreamt about, when you connect the device supports an unprecedented all-can-eat subscriptions to various platforms. Players can switch seamlessly between them, the Tablet PC phone and TV with uninterrupted access to their games, the value and level. Is it destined to be a hit? Hard to tell, but one could only imagine the rivalry here if Apple decided to do something similar with Apple TV.

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