Twitter announces 100 million global users

Twitter has 100 million active users worldwide, the social networking site’s chief executive has announced.

Twitter Twitter announces 100 million global users<!  DONTREWRITE  >Dick Costolo, speaking on Twitter, the site of AM in San Francisco, said more than half a page, the PM 100 million active users registering every day. He said that 40 percent of them just read the website without Twitter itself.

Twitter also shows that now generates more than 5 billion tweets every month, 400 million unique visitors each month and said that half of active users of mobile phone users.

To illustrate the site, become a leading growth, Twitter mentions some, famous politicians and sports stars who use the service. Study found that 40 percent of British MPs on Twitter, including 35 from Britain, 46 police and 396 of the leading candidates for the British Olympics. He became opponent might be worth mentioning that the IM TECHNO NEWS was also there.

These days, Twitter seems to stand out because most of the news. In recent weeks, Louise Mensch MP has complained of threats from hackers, it shows the closing of Twitter in times of turmoil, and cricket commentator Jonathan Agnew will speak about the abuse he received from Indian fans during this summer’s Test series.

Meanwhile, police forces nationwide have begun using Twitter to connect to better serve their communities, and even farmers who took Twitter to increase awareness of the problems their industry, according to a recent survey.

Last week’s news that Beyonce is pregnant her first child, broke the record on Twitter, tweet about 9,000 are sent every second of the pop singer.

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