The Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

Unfortunately, car and motorbike thefts are still on the rise around the world

with opportunist thieves taking advantage of owners who leave their vehicles
unlocked or possessions on show. Worse still, there are still certain people out
there who will plan a theft in great detail to ensure that they can take the car or
bike easily.

If you, like millions of others around the world, rely on your car, van or
motorbike to get to and from work, the shops or just enjoying yourself, then
you want to be doing everything you possibly can to prevent these thieves
from accessing your pride and joy. The majority of vehicles come with security
systems fitted as standard, such as immobilisers and alarms but there are
additional measures which can be taken to decrease the risk of theft, and even
make retrieving your vehicle simpler.

As advancements have been made in the car manufacturing industry, security
has had to be improved and one of the most popular forms at present is GPS
devices. Using satellites, the system can be switched on when the car
is lost or stolen and tracked down by either the owner or the police. So while
this in itself might sound like a huge advantage, there are several other benefits
associated with GPS tracking systems that are encouraging vehicle owners to

The first of

Screen Shot 2012 05 29 at 11.48.10 AM 300x121 The Benefits of GPS Tracking Systems

which relates to insurance – something which infuriates drivers and
riders due to the often-extortionate costs. Many insurers have actually decided to
reduce premiums for vehicle owners who have GPS tracking fitted to their cars
or motorcycles, so by spending the money on the gadget, you can save money in
the long run.

They are also becoming more widely available, with systems now on the market
for all sizes and models of motorcycles, from sports bikes to tourers, and for
nearly all makes of cars and vans from the very small eco-run arounds you see in
town to super cars and builder’s vans.

Best of all in this situation, the devices are so small that they won’t spoil the
look of your vehicle. Mainly situated on the under side, out of site and therefore
undetectable for thieves who think they’ve got away with it, the small devices fit
easily onto the vehicle. In the case of motorbikes, where the look is key for many,
the size is of substantial benefit because it doesn’t make the sports bikes look
bigger and less streamlined.

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