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  • ComScore: Apple strengthens lead as top US handset maker in early 2013, Android takes a small hit

    lead TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    The latest numbers from ComScore show Apple strengthening its lead as the top US handset maker, with the iPhone nabbing an estimated 37.8 percent of the market as of January 2013. That’s a 3.5-point boost from October of last year, putting healthy distance between Cupertino and the number-two smartphone maker, Samsung. That’s not to say the Korean giant hasn’t grown as well; its estimated 21.4-percent slice of the pie is up a more modest 1.9 points.

    Apple’s growth on the hardware front naturally has implications on the software side, and indeed this is the first time Android took a hit while iOS grew. According to the survey, Google’s OS still maintains a healthy 52.3 percent compared to Apple’s 37.8, but it’s down 1.3 points while iOS saw a small boost. Where does that leave BlackBerry, Windows Phone and the rest of the gang? Pretty far behind — as you can see for yourself in the chart below the break.

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    Source: ComScore

  • Chicago court rules Google not responsible for unflattering search results

    bevstayart 1362598418 TECHPULSE March 6, 2013Everyone googles themselves at some point — even the people who say they don’t. But if you don’t like what you see when that search box offers possible queries linked to your name, don’t go suing Google. The search giant is officially not to blame. That’s the official ruling handed down by the 7th US Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago today which found Google not at fault for a search result linking Wisconsin resident Beverly Stayart’s name to ads for Levitra (a male erectile dysfunction drug). According to Reuters, presiding Judge Ann Claire Williams deemed the search result an exception to the state’s misappropriation laws due to its incidental nature (Stayart is a poet and animal rights advocate). The case marks the second courtroom loss for Stayart who had originally leveled the same charges against Yahoo. Unfortunately for Stayart, the buzz from news like this will only help promote the “scandalous” search results she so badly wants erased.

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    Source: Reuters

  • DOJ lets waiting period expire on T-Mobile / MetroPCS merger, hints it’s good to go

    metropcstmo 1353427321 TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    We’re sure that MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA executives were on pins and needles wondering whether or not their proposed merger would clear all the regulatory hurdles. While they’re not officially free and clear, the Department of Justice has given a strong hint that the carrier union will go through. The government branch just let the mandatory waiting period expire without raising any objections; if it had thought there were serious antitrust issues, it would have piped up by now. Before anyone pops the champagne corks, though, there’s still a number of formalities — the Committee on Foreign Investment, the FCC and the companies’ shareholders still need to sign off on the deal, which could take weeks or longer. Considering the troubles T-Mobile had the last time it tried a merger, though, waiting will seem like a walk in the park.

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    Source: CNET

  • Engadget Expand agenda unveiled: Come see the full schedule for our big event!

    expand619 with overlay space TECHPULSE March 6, 2013
    Over the past couple of months we’ve been letting you know about the awesome speaker lineup for Expand, our big event that’s just around the corner at San Francisco’s Fort Mason on March 16th and 17th. Now you can check out the full agenda of sessions and speakers who will be gracing our stage for two days full of in-depth discussions about the frontiers of technology.

    From 3D printing to crowdfunding, from robots to space (and undoubtedly some robots in space) and more, you’re not going to want to miss the Expand experience. And if you’re looking for even more reasons to attend Expand, how about 10 of them? Go on and pick yourself up a full pass for the weekend and get a free six month subscription to Make Magazine to boot.

    See you at Expand!

    And don’t forget…

    • We now offer day pass options for folks who can’t make it out for the entire weekend
    • Join us for Insert Coin winner voting on March 16-17!
    • If you’re a company that would like to work with us on an exhibition or sponsorship level, please drop us a line at sponsors at engadget dot com (DIYers and small startups, please ask us about our Indie Corner option!)
    • If you’re a member of the media interested in covering Expand, please contact engadget at for more information.

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  • ViaSat snags Guinness World Record for highest-capacity satellite

    viasatexede620 01 1362595796 TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    After earning top marks from the FCC for its broadband performance, ViaSat has added yet another feather to its cap in the form of a Guinness World Record. According to the august organization, the ViaSat-1 satellite, which powers the 12 Mbps Exede Internet service, is the highest-capacity communications satellite in the world. The reason for the accolade? The orbiting spacecraft apparently provides around 100 times the throughput capacity of a Ku-band satellite and ten times that of a Ka-band, which adds up to more capacity than all North American communication satellites combined at the time of its 2011 launch. While its broadband service still has latency issues, the folks over at ViaSat must feel pretty confident of its recent accomplishments; the company is currently looking beyond its rural customer base and venturing forth into other enterprises, such as in-flight WiFi. Better watch your back, Gogo.

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    Source: ViaSat

  • Twitter update improves search on mobile and web, enhances autocomplete and web browsing for iOS

    twitter update TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    Twitter’s just announced an update for its Android and iOS apps and mobile site aimed to help users locate desired tweets with ease. Now, search queries for specific keywords will turn up a “Top Tweet” — a result the company claims is more closely “based on relevance and engagement” — and an option to “View more from this time” period. But that’s not the only tweak Twitter’s ushering in. iOS users will now be privy to a better autocomplete experience, in addition to a new web browser view that tacks linked tweets to the bottom of the page. The update’s live now, so you can go ahead and grab it from the source or just sit back and wait for it to hit your device.

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    Source: Twitter

  • This is the Modem World: The dark side of Google Glass

    Each week Joshua Fruhlinger contributes This is the Modem World, a column dedicated to exploring the culture of consumer technology.

    eng modern world2 TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    I want to be excited about Google Glass — I really do. I saw Robocop as a kid and dreamed that, one day, I too could walk around with a HUD that would feed me information on call, receive messages and record the world around me.

    But now that years have passed and I’ve witnessed humanity worship the smartphone, make prevalent voice-controlled navigation and perfect self-mounted, POV digital video cameras, I’m not so sure that Google Glass is going to be good for us as a society. There is a dark side to what appears to be a wonderful coming together of complementary technology, and I’m here to poop this party.


  • Rolls-Royce Wraith picks gears using GPS, keeps your Spirit of Ecstasy soaring (video)

    rolls royce wraith autoblog 340 TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    Many Rolls-Royce drivers are used to effortless speed between the big engines and smooth suspensions. The automaker’s new Wraith coupe could iron out what few of those wrinkles are left through a clever use of GPS for the transmission. Its eight-speed ZF automatic gearbox relies on positioning to pick gears in advance, gauging the situation down to the exact stretch of road: it can see the need for a shorter gear at the upcoming corner, for example. Other tech upgrades aren’t quite as fresh, although we’re sure that less traditionalist Rolls drivers won’t mind a heads-up display, voice command support and the infotainment system’s multi-touch trackpad. The Wraith’s €245,000 ($318,745) price and late 2013 availability will likely be too much to endure if all you’re looking for is seamless shifting — they may, however, provide some consolation for missing out on that LaFerrari.

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    Source: Rolls-Royce

  • The Engadget Mobile Podcast, live at 3PM ET!

    mobcastlogo TECHPULSE March 6, 2013

    We’re back from Barcelona! Well, sort of. Brad’s at his humble abode, while Myriam is soaking up the memories in her former French digs. Regardless of where the sound of our voices are coming from, we’ll be discussing the same stuff as always — mobile. And the hot topic for this week involves the LG Optimus G Pro, which we had the opportunity to review this past week. We’ll also touch upon a few other subjects, so join us at 3PM ET for our live podcast!

    March 6, 2013 3:00 PM EST

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