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New Gadgets

  • Mophie Juice Pack for Galaxy S 4 now shipping, brings an extra 2,300mAh battery for $99

    mophie juice pack gs4 1377560876 TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    Galaxy S 4 users already benefit from solid battery life, but if your Life Companion has become more of a compulsion, you’re probably in need of a power solution that can go the distance. Naturally, one option is to swap out batteries, but a new charging case from Mophie could be a simpler route. The Juice Pack — also available for the HTC One and iPhone 5 — wraps around the phone and connects via micro-USB, adding an additional 2,300mAh cell to the 2,600mAh battery within the GS4. The Mophie Juice Pack is available now for $99, and is currently offered in black or white (with pink and red versions to follow). As an unfortunate consequence, the extra bulk prevents NFC functionality, but it could be a minor sacrifice if your phone’s battery life regularly comes up short.

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  • AT&T opens latest Foundry facility in Atlanta, focusing on the connected car, home automation and emerging devices

    attfoundry atl TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    If you haven’t been paying attention, here’s the skinny: US carriers are doing everything they can to expand their horizons, and in the case of Verizon and AT&T, this sense of urgency has led to the creation of numerous innovation labs. In a nutshell, these facilities serve as incubation centers for startups and well-positioned outfits alike that are looking to add cellular connectivity to whatever it is they’re hawking.

    AT&T’s latest facility — its fourth in total — will open its doors later today, with the Atlanta-based Foundry focusing on innovation in the connected car and emerging devices sectors. Moreover, it’ll be used to further AT&T’s own U-verse and Digital Life platforms, though specifics of what exactly engineers will be toiling on remain under wraps. For an idea of what all goes down at places like this, have a look at a tour we took through one of Verizon’s Innovation Centers right here; we’re hoping to get a similar look at AT&T’s lairs when time allows.

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    Source: AT&T

  • Sony unveils 16.1MP NEX-5T with NFC and WiFi, available this September

    dsc05946 TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    We assure you, the camera pictured above is not the NEX-5R. Announced today alongside three new E-mount lenses and the A3000, it’s actually Sony’s new NEX-5T. This shooter’s unique feature is the addition of NFC for tap-to-device transfers of videos and photos — a nice complement to the WiFi connectivity. Aside from that, it’s pretty similar to its predecessor. Internally, you’ll find the same 16.1-megapixel APS-C sensor with a maximum ISO sensitivity of 25,600 and hybrid phase-/contrast-detect autofocus for still images. The outside houses the familiar 921k-dot 3-inch touchscreen (with 180 degrees of rotation), a rear-set navigation dial and a function button (both programmable) adjacent to the shutter button. Photographers and videographers alike should be pleased with 1080/60p video capture and continuously focused 10-frames-per-second burst shooting. This NEX can also handle Sony’s various Play Memories Camera Apps for extended versatility.

    The NEX-5T is set to launch this September in white, black and silver for $700 with a 16-50mm pancake powered-zoom lens, and $550 for just the body. For now, grab a better glimpse by checking out the embedded galleries. Full press release after the break. %Gallery-slideshow73547% %Gallery-slideshow73512%

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    Source: Sony

  • Sony’s DSLR-like Alpha A3000 mirrorless camera ships next month for $399 (hands-on video)

    sonya3000 TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    Sony’s managed to duplicate mid-range DSLR functionality in its NEX series of mirrorless cameras, but while experienced photographers recognize the value of such a device, amateurs looking to step up from a point-and-shoot often opt for a full-size DSLR. The reason, according to Sony reps, is that these users simply assume that a larger camera with a familiar design offers better image quality and performance. So, to suit these misinformed customers, Sony’s created a mirrorless camera that looks like a DSLR, but offers the feature set — and price tag — of an entry-level compact ILC. The company’s first attempt at winning over this broad demographic is the Alpha A3000. Internally, it’s very similar to the NEX-3N, featuring a 20.1-megapixel APS-C sensor and E-mount lens compatibility. There’s a mode dial, Multi Interface Shoe, pop-up flash and an eye-level electronic viewfinder. It also ships with a black version of Sony’s standard 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 kit lens, all for the low, low price of $399.

    We spent a few minutes with the A3000, and while this model wouldn’t be the best fit for photographers who understand the appeal of mirrorless cameras, it will likely appeal to the users Sony’s aiming at here. It’s a nice camera for sure, and a great value at $399 with a lens. While small and light for a DSLR, it feels bulky for a mirrorless camera, but that’s kind of the point. It’s a reasonable choice for shooting sports, with a 3.5 fps consecutive shooting mode, and it can snap 1080/24p video clips (with autofocus). There’s a 0.5-inch color viewfinder that’s adequate but not particularly fantastic, a 230k-dot 3-inch fixed LCD and Sony’s typical NEX user interface for adjusting capture and WiFi settings. Finally, the company’s also launching three new E-mount lenses, including a very nice 16-70mm f/4 fixed-aperture optic that’s expected later this month for $999, a black version of last year’s 50mm f/1.8 that’ll ship this month for $299, and a power-zoom 18-105mm f/4 lens that’s due in December for $599. The A3000, for is part, should hit stores beginning next week, but you can take a quick look right now in our hands-on video after the break.%Gallery-slideshow73502%

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  • Hangouts for Android starts scoring video chats over cellular on AT&T

    google hangouts att TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    Attention folks on AT&T: you can soon video chat on Hangouts over a cellular connection now that the feature is being green-lit by the carrier and the Android app has scored an update. As discovered shortly after the release of the standalone Hangouts app, the perk could be accessed solely via WiFi — an inconvenience shared by other chat apps on AT&T’s devices. While Ma Bell originally claimed the issue could only be remedied by the OS and manufacturers, it soon changed its melody and announced its intention to activate video chat over 3G / 4G for all pre-loaded apps within the year. Don’t be surprised if the function still doesn’t work after you’ve installed Hangouts’ latest update, however: the carrier’s still not done flipping the switch across the board, but it expects to complete the rollout by year’s end. Head past the break to read a statement from AT&T on the matter.

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  • Dell intros new Latitude business laptops, including a flagship Ultrabook (hands-on)

    dsc07613 1377210260 TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    Fun fact: the XPS 13 Ultrabook we liked so much also happens to be one of Dell’s best-selling products. It’s been so successful, in fact, that even large corporations have been thinking of issuing it to their employees (you know, instead of all those other black boxes). Of course, they can’t really do that — the XPS 13 wasn’t built with businesses’ security needs in mind — but all their begging and pleading did get Dell thinking. Why not make something similar that’s secure enough to pass muster with the IT guys?%Gallery-slideshow73368%

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  • Tokyoflash’s Kisai Blade looks to the air for inspiration, tells time with tube LEDs (video)

    kisai TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    TokyoFlash’s watches aren’t known for their subtlety, but, despite taking cues from the aviation world, its latest design looks a bit more grounded than previous offerings. The Kisai Blade sports a custom-made turbine-style lens, and uses tube LEDs that rotate, like an airplane propeller, to tell time. The LEDs operate in three different modes, “Turning” uses a constant cycle to light up hours and minutes, while “Animation” turns your wrist into a rave with a constantly spinning diodes. In case you’re wondering how it displays the finer minutes, “Flashing” mode slowly flashes the minute hand at the standard five minute intervals, and four dots indicate minutes one through four. The timepiece uses a USB-rechargeable battery that can go a month between charges and is available with red, blue and green LEDs, and gold, silver and black bands; there’s a leather band option, too. If the Blade strikes your fancy, you have the next 48 hours to snatch one up for the launch price of $139, or if you miss the sale window, $159.

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    Source: TokyoFlash Japan

  • Sony reveals blue 250GB PS3 for $250, exclusive to GameStop

    gamestopazuriteps3 TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    Sony is hoping that by now you either don’t already own a PlayStation 3, or direly need a game console to match your primary colored living room decor before November 15th. To that end, the tech giant is releasing the previously Japan-only “azurite blue” PS3 Superslim exclusively to GameStop. The console sports a 250GB hard drive, one matching DualShock 3 controller and a $249.99 price tag — kinda makes that $200 12GB model look a bit silly now, doesn’t it? Pre-orders open up tomorrow and you’ll be able to pick one up from your favorite GameStop or Canadian EB Games starting October 8th.

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  • Yahoo doling out inactive usernames to new owners, opens a Watchlist for $1.99

    yahoonewname 1377557479 TECHPULSE August 27, 2013

    Yahoo users eager for a name change began logging their interest for inactive usernames in mid-July, and now Mayer and Co. are finally ready to re-assign dormant email addresses. Messages from the search giant are going out to folks who applied for a new identity, notifying them if one of their screen names of choice is ready for the taking. Those who struck out on desired account names will automatically have their choices added to a “Watchlist,” and will be alerted if and when they’re freed up. While keeping tabs on preferred monikers via the Watchlist is free for those who registered their interest in snapping up handles, it’ll cost others the princely sum of $1.99 to monitor availability for three years. Click the neighboring source links to stake out a maximum of five names you’re partial to.

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