Apple to open new stores this weekend

Apple to open new stores this weekend

(Techno News) – A number of new Apple stores are set to open this weekend – real ones, that is – as the Cupertino-based company pushes ahead with plans to expand its retail empire. The computer giant is intending to open 30 new retail stores by the end of September. As highlighted by a … [Read more...]

Top Gadget Links January 24, 2012

New Gadgets iBooks Author sees 600,000 initial downloads, 3 million for iTunes U Apple announced on their quarterly earnings call this afternoon that iBooks Author had seen 600,000 downloads since its unveiling last week. The folks in Cupertino also mentioned that iTunes U has seen 3 million app … [Read more...]

TECHPULSE January 28, 2012


New Gadgets Apple patent looks to create 'secure magnets' to unlock your device It's an Apple patent application: please be aware this is unlikely to wind up in your next device, please fasten seat belts and fix your tray table in the fixed and upright position. Inside the bezel of your … [Read more...]

TECHPULSE February 4, 2012

New Gadgets Snow Leopard update wreaks havoc on Rosetta, luddite users contemplate running with Lion (update) Normally updates are meant to better your OS, delivering necessary tweaks and performance improvements. But this latest batch out of Cupertino's managed to do just the opposite for users … [Read more...]

TECHPULSE March 7, 2012

New Gadgets Tata announces Megapixel hybrid EV, alas, it's just a concept The Geneva Motor Show means one thing: fantastic cars will be dangled in front of our faces, before being snatched away and being told that it'll never see the light of day, as it's "only a concept." The latest vehicle we'd … [Read more...]