Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note and Wave 3 Leaked

According to the guys over at ThisIsMyNext, Samsung plans to release at least three new devices on September 1, one day before IFA 2011 kicks-off.

samsung unpacked berlin Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7, Galaxy Note and Wave 3 Leaked

They suggest that the company will be launching the new products: a Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet, a Wave 3 smartphone. The most likely running the latest edition of the Bada OS, and a Galaxy Note, a device whose nature remains a mystery.

The Galaxy Tab 7.7 is likely the successor to Samsung’s very first Tab (which has a 7.0 inch display). This new Tab 7.7 should feature a 7.7 inch screen (duh!) and Android Honeycomb.

Samsung Wave 3. This will be a smartphone running the new version of the Bada OS, Samsung’s pet project. With Google buying Motorola, most Android manufacturers must be feeling pretty insecure right now, but at least Samsung has an alternative – its own homegrown OS.

Expect the Wave 3 to rival the Samsung Galaxy S 2 in terms of specifications, similar to the Wave and the Galaxy S.

The Galaxy Note remains shrouded in mystery since it sports neither of the alphabets that Samsung typically associates their smartphones with, unless of course it is not an Android device.

Windows Phone 7 Mango, anyone? Stay tuned as more information might leak out

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