S.F. Bay marshes in sea level threat

Francisco, Nov. 17 (AP) – A bleak future can be saved to the tidal marshes of San Francisco Bay on the stage of high-end rise in sea levels increasingly likely, the researchers said.

A study conducted by the Point Reyes Bird Observatory Conservation Science in the worst 93 percent of the bay marshes will miss the next 5-10 years, with 5.4 meters of sea level rise.

“Wetlands are highly resistant to changes in sea level, depending on how fast sea level rise and the amount of deposit are available,” said Diana Stralberg University of Alberta and lead author of the study said PRBO.

“Unfortunately, wetlands can not compete with the predictions of premium increases in sea level alone. They need our help. “

Actions today’s society, including the restoration takes place, you can save a whole swamp of sea level rise, the study said.

Wetlands are important for migratory birds, commercial fishing, and other animals and humans.

Actions like a giant sponge, reducing the impact of flooding in large storm and the rising sea level. Tidal marsh is also filter out pollutants and carbon sequestration, according to the study.

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