Report: SFPD investigating its role in iPhone case

After showing that the officer was accompanied by Apple to find missing iPhone prototype, the San Francisco Police Department told CNET that the launch of an investigation into the matter.

Police iPhone Report: SFPD investigating its role in iPhone case<!  DONTREWRITE  >San Francisco police went to the Apple iPhone after the company track down the missing prototype of a house in San Francisco Bernal Heights. According to a press release Saturday at the apartment, the officers did not enter the house to find the device, but Apple employees.

Apple declined to report on a search, which is why there had not been a previous record of the event, the department said.

Search does not show the device. According to CNET, the man whose house was searched, Jose Calderon said he “spoke with a lawyer,” but he said what he was talking to them about.

San Francisco police did not immediately return a request to confirm the report from CNET.

In five other iPhone news, photos posted on Flickr by a software engineer at Apple and was announced by PocketNow can be removed with the iPhone with 8 MP camera. The next iPhone is rumored to be packing an 8 megapixel camera sensor, which means that the photo was sent to Apple fans in anxiety.

This is my next mentioned in his report on the image to the coordinates of the data entered according to Apple in Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, although it should be noted that these data are relatively easy to fake photos.

A fun, if very gossip: One reflection TIME readers are really committed uncurved on a plate to show something visible – but no – a reflection of someone taking a picture of the plate with the phone.

Clearly, Apple just needs to release this thing already to put us all out of our speculative misery.

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