Pimp your PS3 controller

Pimp your PS3 controller Pimp your PS3 controller

The Avenger is a new snap-on accessory for Sony PlayStation 3 controllers. It features a combination of adjustable levers, a stabilizing stand and even tension straps for users to perform faster moves without taking their fingers off the analog sticks. Refer to the following video on how the Avenger works (note that the demonstration is using an Xbox 360 controller). The new PS3 version will be available directly from the peripheral maker’s online store in November at US$48.99, but are limited to 5,000 units for now.

Will this unique contraption make playing first person shooter (FPS) games on a console easier? I seriously doubt so, especially in terms of precision compared with a PC mouse. Still, it could address some of the quirks and steep learning curve of console controllers for FPS titles.

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