Nokia getting ready to launch new OS for low-end phones

Within the last year, Nokia has partnered up with Microsoft to run Windows Phone 7 operating systems in Nokia handsets.  This would prove to be a very good move by two companies that are at the bottom of the mobile industry food chain.  Even though all of that is happening, Nokia did not forget about all the users that go to Nokia to get affordable low-end handsets.  Today, a report suggested that Nokia is going to be releasing a new OS that will be for low-end Nokia handsets.  The new operating system will be based on Linux and codenamed “Meltemi”.

You might have remembered hearing this name before as it was reported earlier as the go to place for all the displaced MeeGo developers.  Nokia made plenty of cuts to their workforce and claimed the Meltemi project was a “lifeboat” for those developers.  Meltimi will not be an operating system for every device on the market, like the Samsung Tizen platform, but it will be around to help “upgrade” more basic devices that Nokia provides.  Many have reported rumors and tried to tie the project to others that Nokia has been associated with.  All rumors are just that since there hasn’t been any official announcement from the company.

Nokia has been connected to the touch friendly version of other operating systems and TechCrunch thinks if that is the case, Nokia users will get the “best of both worlds in a familiar look and useful new functionality like more apps and services”.  Even though other companies have been working their tails off to develop high-end smartphones and tablets, Nokia has taken to the larger piece of the pie and is trying to give the low-end user something to upgrade to that isn’t an expensive smartphone.

Nokia hasn’t really been able to release anything high-end that appeals to customers like Android or Apple has.  Over the past quarter, over half of the company’s sales were attributed to low-end handsets.  Other companies take the easy way out and try to get customers the next shiny gadget on the market, but Nokia has seen a niche where they can provide a new product to those already willing to buy a low-end handset.  This could prove to be a good move for Nokia and if they can offer high-end handsets later, these same customers might be more willing to upgrade at that time.

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