New Netflix application ready for Kindle Fire and Nook, but not iPad

The great tech horse race of 2011 pits the iPad, that thoroughbred of tablet computers, against a pair of new lightweight fillies, the Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble’s Nook.

But this year, the race can not be decided on its own power. In fact, in the period prior to the holiday season buying crazy, Android device manufacturer that focuses less on technical skills, and more types of things people can do with them.

New Netflix application 300x211 New Netflix application ready for Kindle Fire and Nook, but not iPad<!  DONTREWRITE  >Last week, Amazon announced that Kindle Fire display a “lending library” to allow users pay to borrow a limited selection of books. Then push Amazon to Hulu Plus, told the pay TV and movie rental services are available Kindle Fire, including music apps Pandora and Rhapsody.

And now, instead of left, Netflix join the party, announcing a tablet improved application now available for the fire in the corner.

But not for the iPad. Version that comes “in the coming weeks,” the company said.

“This is not just a matter of time,” wrote spokesman Steve Swasey Netflix in an email, explaining that the release of Android Kindle Fire union matches and the release of this week, and there is no discrimination in question. “Netflix is agnostic on platforms -– no preferences or priorities,” he wrote.

However, this means that the owner of iPad is in the old version Netflix application. Swasey did not respond to questions about whether a new version of the iPhone application is available from the time of purchase of vacation.

The new application, Android users can now download as many movies twice on the screen than the previous version, and allows users to easily extract some categories of movies and TV, and start streaming video directly from the application.

Check the space for Derby handicap tablets continuously.

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