Monster Cable exec to launch new headphone company

The Little Monster is making some noise of his own.

Kevin Lee, son of Monster Cable founder and “Head Monster” Noel Lee, is starting new headphone company SOL Republic, along with consumer electronics executives Scott Hix and Seth Combs.

solheadphones 275x300 Monster Cable exec to launch new headphone company

Its new in-ear and on-ear headphones are set to hit retailers including Best Buy and Apple stores later this month.

As vice president of marketing and product development, the younger Lee helped develop and launch the Beats By Dr. Dreline of headphones produced by Monster. “After launching Beats I was really excited,” Lee said recently.

“Beats was our mission to prove kids would care about sound. We really honestly didn’t know for sure.”

With Beats By Dr. Dre which launched in 2008 developing into a success, Lee went to his father and said, “I want to reach everybody.

We have got to come out with headphones that sound good but also hits a price point a lot of people can afford.”

Lee told his father about his vision for some good sounding, nice-looking headphones that top out in the $100 to $150 range (Beats By Dr. Dre range in price from about $120 to $500). “I want to go create a headphone that is great sound for the masses and, by the way, I want to do it on my own,” Lee told his father.

With Noel Lee’s blessing, Lee and his co-founders created SOL Republic — SOL stands for “Soundtrack of Life” — with the first products arriving this month at Best Buy and Apple stores.

Over-the-ear SOL Republic Tracks start at $100 — HD models with premium sound run $130 — and have a one-piece adjustable FlexTech polymer with removeable ear speakers. “You literally can’t break (the headband),” he says. Different colored headbands and cables are available, too.

SOL Republic’s in-ear Amps ($60) also come in HD models ($100) with multiple colored options. “These truly sound amazing for the money,” Lee says. “The other goal was to make them look cool and iconic.”

Speaking of which, SOL Republic has plans to expand the customizeable options down the road. “We have some very exciting collaborations … (to announce) over the next three to six months in fashion and in apparel as well as in the sports side of the market,” Hix said. “We are really excited about that configurable capability of our product.”

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