Increasing Numbers Turn to Android Phones

 Increasing Numbers Turn to Android PhonesIn the “smartphone generation” that we live in today, customers are demanding more and more from their phones, and their insatiable appetite for the very latest software and built-in features is putting real pressure on the research and development departments as well as the manufacturing side of those in the industry.

We all want something different from our smartphones, that’s the problem. While some are happy enough with the ability to simply send emails and work on word documents and spreadsheets while they’re on the train to a meeting, others want to be continuously ‘Tweeting’ updates on what they’re doing or uploading images to Facebook to tag their stupid friend who put a cone on his head while they were out, or even to play games where you fling a seriously hacked off bird at a wooden structure.

In the past few years, you’ve either been an iPhone user, or a BlackBerry user. They were the two major players in the game – a bit like Ronaldo and Messi really, everyone has their own opinion – but in the past 12 months or so, the Samsung Galaxy S has raised its game – let’s refer to this as a Xavi or Iniesta, quality without the credit.

The iPhone’s iOS operating system has been a popular platform since it was first released, and it remains the biggest selling smartphone around the world. The BlackBerry was right up there with it until last year when RIM – the developers of the phone – managed to lose all coverage for several days, causing customers to become increasingly angry and concerned that the ‘blackouts’ could happen again.

This prompted them to turn their backs on the BlackBerry, and while many turned to the biggest rival, significant numbers decided to move to the Samsung option, getting their first experience with Android phones. This operating system, which is now the world’s most popular, brings the power of Google onto the handset of the user, allowing them to benefit from all of the features that the search giant has to offer, from Gmail to G Docs without having to download them.

With phones such as HTC and Samsung on board, as well as the likes of LG and Sony Ericsson, there are plenty of choices out there for customers who like to use Google Chrome as their browser, and for those who simply want a smartphone which isn’t made by Apple or RIM.



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