Choiix Powerfort Portable Battery Pack

We see so many portable battery packs these days and come in different sizes, shapes and power capacity. There is another that should be developed locally and comes from Choiix (part of Cooler Master).

Choiix Powerfort Portable Battery Pack 300x257 Choiix Powerfort Portable Battery Pack<!  DONTREWRITE  >They sent me samples a couple of weeks ago and been using them with my portable devices everyday.

They have many variants – the 1500mAh entry-level and the 2700mAh travel kit

The 2700mAh variant, which comes with the travel kit, including a car charger and USB connector to mini-USB.No special adapter is included so expect only available on these devices come with a standard USB connector.

Supports iPhone, PSP, Smartphone players, MP3 and smaller electronic devices.

It has not been thoroughly tested all of my gadgets with the exception of ZTE MF60 I’m a net total of 13 to 14 hours (including internal battery).

In the early days, I connect to WiFi Portable Powerfort, throw in a laptop bag and forget about it until I get home at night. Sometimes, it even has some power left to last until midnight. Now that’s my all-day walking hotspot solution.

Here are some basic specs of the portable power pack:

Choiix Powerfort
Power capacity: 2700mAh / 10Whrs
Input Voltage: 5V / 1A
Output Voltage: 5V / 1A
Weight: 102 g (3.6 oz)
Dimensions: 110 X 64 X 12mm
Charge time: 3-4 hours

What’s also nice about this one is that they’ve included three (3) LED bulbs at the bottom that works as a mini-flashlight.

The retail price is not yet final but they could be in the Php1.5k, Php2k and Php3kprice points once they arrive (I am told they could be lower once finalized).

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