Auto repair app RepairPal comes to the iPhone

RepairPal, which is the leading destination for consumers with auto repair questions and other information, has announced today that will be updating the mobile app for Apple iPhone users.

RepairPal for iPhone Auto repair app RepairPal comes to the iPhoneThe update, known as RepairPal 2.0, will keep all the original features, like the very popular service estimator and location based shop finder, and add a couple more features to the list.

The new update will give enhanced roadside assistance which will allow users to manage their car’s service on the iPhone and has improved performance and usability.

The CEO of RepairPal, Art Shaw, said “Thanks to the proliferation of smart phones, managing life has become easier. There are apps for virtually any work or lifestyle need. The RepairPal mobile app is a powerful resource that puts information and resources into the purse or pocket of any driver, such as where to go to get their car fixed and what is a fair price to pay. If you’re on the road and your car needs work, there’s no better source than the RepairPal app.”  ReairPal 2.0 is one update of many that offer up the most accurate auto maintenance information available anywhere and at any time.

Shaw went on to say, “We believe everyone can benefit from the variety of features, information, and resources now available in RepairPal’s mobile app. We’re especially interested in feedback from our female users. As early adopters of technology, women rely on mobile apps to help them manage both work and life, and as CEO, CFO, and COOs in business and at home, we think RepairPal is a great app that can help them make informed decisions and manage costs.”

If you do not already have the iPhone app, you can pick it up at for only $4.99. If you are a smartphone user that does not have an iPhone, you will only have to wait about another month before the RepairPal app comes to the Android Marketplace.

RepairPal 2.0 brings plenty of functions to the app and allows users of the app to only pay for information as they need it instead of paying a monthly fee all year, but do not use the app every day.

Price estimates, shop directory and expert advice from trained mechanics are all part of the newest update and will bring auto repairs into the 21st century for the first time.

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