Apple iPad ‘to dominate market to 2014′

Apple’s iPad is set to retain most of the tablet market in the coming year, according to analysts at Gartner.

Tablet Apple’s market dominance will remain essentially undisputed throughout 2011, according to a special report by analyst Gartner. IPad expected to account for only 73.4 percent of overall media sales tablet, followed at a distance of tablets Android (17.3 percent). Apple’s sales are expected to decline slightly from last year, when the iPhone was 83 percent market share.

Apple iPad 300x264 Apple iPad to dominate market to 2014<!  DONTREWRITE  >Gartner does not expect another platform for more than 5 percent share in 2011. “We expect Apple to maintain a leading market share in all our leaders have been predicting for more than 50 percent of the market until 2014,” Carolina Milanesi, Gartner research vice president said. “It’s because Apple gives a very good user experience and unified through, hardware software and services.”

Milanesi explains that unless a competitor fails to respond to a similar approach, challenging Apple’s minimum conditions. “Apple has a vision to create a market and make planned as part of the supplies such as memory and display,” he continued. “It allows the Apple iPhone carrying out a competitive price without sacrificing the experience with different models offering storage and connectivity options.”

A new survey of 1,800 customers of Citigroup in the U.S., Britain and China recently announced that people using the pills for recreational purposes and not business users. Most people use the iPhone to surf the web in general (67 percent) or via email / instant messaging (55 percent), while only 15 percent of those using this application for employment or productivity. Far from being viewed as a reliable substitute for a laptop, the iPhone is considered as a fundamental fantasy toys, according to the survey.

Comparing the figures of last year, the percentage of people planning to buy a tablet, because I think it is a “gadget” has increased from 44 to 62 percent. Conversely, the percentage of those looking to replace your notebook / desktop / netbook was significantly lower (about 12 percent). Citi also reported that the iPhone is always more inclined to pay for an application to their counterparts in the Android owner.

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