Top Gadget Links January 8, 2012

New Gadgets Acer’s next-gen, quad-core Iconia Tab introduced at CES 2012 with a 1080p display Acer’s finishing up its CES 2012 presser with a teaser to end all teasers: there’s a next-generation, quad-core Iconia Tab on the way. The Android-based slate will be powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 and will boast a native 1080p (!) [...]

Facebook Messenger tops Android Apps of the Week

Facebook Messenger tops Android Apps of the Week

Facebook Messenger launched in the Android Market this week, bringing an inclusive means of staying in touch with friends. With a separate app for the messenger tool, you can send texts to individuals or entire groups. Facebook’s launched a standalone app for messaging with friends, with an air of privacy that many users will enjoy. [...]

Skype Video Chat app

Skype has some competition from Tango’s new Video Chat app

Skype is one of the best video chat software options available at this time, but that did not stop Tango from releasing a desktop app that allows users to video chat with their friends on smartphone. announced the free desktop app on its website and it looks to be one of the first PC [...]

TECHPULSE October 3, 2012

New Gadgets Sandia Labs’ MegaDroid project simulates 300,000 Android phones to fight wireless catastrophes (video) We’ve seen some large-scale simulations, including some that couldn’t get larger. Simulated cellular networks are still a rare breed, however, which makes Sandia National Laboratories’ MegaDroid project all the more important. The project’s cluster of off-the-shelf PCs emulates a town [...]

Samsung Galaxy S II phones for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

Behold! Samsung’s Galaxy S II phones for AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint

You won’t have to wait until next week to catch a glimpse at Samsung’s US bound Galaxy S II phones. The above image was leaked today by the mobile site Pocketnow, which gives us our first semi-official look at what Samsung has up its sleeves with the US Galaxy S II devices. Samsung initially planned to announce [...]

Sn0wbreeze v2.8b6

Snowbreeze has been Updated To Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 6 On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

Snowbreeze has been Updated To Jailbreak iOS 5 Beta 6 On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, UDID Check Removed. Snowbreeze jailbreak tool has been updated. The latest Snowbreeze 2.8b6 can jailbreak iOS 5 beta 6 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Its a tethered jailbreak for iOS5. The latest version also removes UDID check while [...]

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Fusion Garage Grid-10 tablet

Fusion Garage drops new Grid-10 tablet from $499 to $299

With the major computer manufacturers are gradually reducing the selling price of a PC tablet, slightly less well known manufacturers now have to work a little harder to attract frugal customers. In addition, following the news this week that Acer will launch A501 Iconia agile by AT&T for $ 330 USD ($ 449 USD without [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Comes to T-Mobile Nov. 2

T-Mobile recently announced the launch of two new tablets, the T-Mobile Springboard and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but did not give us the price or the exact date of launch. Now we have the date. The Galaxy Tab 10.1 will be available Nov. 2 and the Springboard will be available Nov. 9. We still don’t know the price for either product. [...]

TECHPULSE September 30, 2012

New Gadgets Switched On: iOS 6 gets back from the app Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a column about consumer technology. Apple’s App Store has more smartphone apps than those of its competitors. But the sheer size of the library is not the only source of consternation for Google or Microsoft, which would [...]

TECHPULSE July 20, 2014

New Gadgets Gionee’s next smartphone promises to be the thinnest ever If you thought Gionee’s Elife S5.5 was ridiculously thin, you’d better hold on to your hat. China has certified an upcoming Android handset from the company, codenamed the GN9005, that reportedly measures 5mm (0.2in) thick; that’s half a centimeter… Weekends with Engadget: Tokyo’s vending [...]

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Google Plus Games

Google+ Games Launch Brings Angry Birds, Dragon Age, More

Because, come on, it's not like you didn't see this coming, Google+ is in the process of debuting a bevy of social games from some high-profile developers, including PopCap, Zynga, Rovio, BioWare, … Read More...

Square Enix Reveals New Game Engine

Square Enix Reveals New Game Engine, Titled Luminous Studio

Square Enix has detailed their upcoming game engine, called Luminous Studio, which they will use to power their future titles. As reported by Impress Watch, and translated by Andriasang, the engine … Read More...

Nintendo Wii

LetterBomb hack for Nintendo Wii allows homebrew with System Menu 4.3

Most of the talk about Nintendo lately has been centered on how poorly the company has been performing financially of late. The Wii has seen sales decline as well as sales of software decline making … Read More...

battlefield 3

‘Battlefield 3′ beta launching September 29th

The long-awaited multiplayer beta for Electronic Arts' potential blockbuster Battlefield 3 will launch on Sept. 29. In a statement released Tuesday, EA revealed the testing period will be available … Read More...