HP shakeup - buying Autonomy, dropping webOS

HP shakeup – buying Autonomy, dropping webOS

Hewlett-Packard Co. is planning a sweeping overhaul of its businesses, agreeing to buy Autonomy Corp. for $10.3 billion and weighing a breakup that would unravel the much-debated Compaq Computer Corp. purchase. Autonomy is a British company that makes database-search software. Its shareholders will receive $42.11 per share, Palo Alto’s HP said Thursday. That represents a [...]


Android: Pocket Informant – Amazon Free App of the Day

  Android: Pocket Informant – Free Pocket Informant allows you to manage your life in the easiest most versatile life management program on any mobile device! Use our exclusive Roles system to scale the interface to your needs and the Events Views to bring focus on what you have coming up! A super cool integrated calendar [...]

TECHPULSE July 9, 2014

New Gadgets Google, Dropbox, Canon and others team up to disarm future patent trolls Patent litigation from non-participating entities (casually known as “patent trolls”) is the bane of a technology firm’s legal department. Fighting patent lawsuits from firms that subsist completely on licensing and legal action is a frustrating… Sigourney Weaver joins original cast for [...]


Top 5 Auto Insurance Companies in the USA

This is the most recent list of top USA car insurance companies: GEICO, Allstate, Infinity, Progressive and Nationwide. Those five car insurance companies are the five pillars of the car insurance market with the largest amount of market shares according to the data collected from 2008 and still they remain the five best companies available [...]

LG Thrill 4G HTC HD7S att

LG Thrill 4G will arrive on September 4th, AT&T confirms

Following a series of delays and setbacks, it looks like the Thrill 4G will indeed be coming to AT&T on September 4th. The carrier confirmed the date late last night, in a tweet promising that LG’s glasses-free 3D handset will make our world “come alive.” Back in July, AT&T confirmed that the US version of the Optimus 3D would officially sell for $99, though that [...]

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Distro, Galaxy Note vs. Dell Streak, Spotify App – December 9, 2011

New Gadgets Engadget Distro Issue 17 takes a bite out of Android Ice Cream Sandwich — get your om nom on! No matter how you feel about Roboto, there’s no denying the anticipation that’s built up around the latest overhaul of the Android operating system. In this week’s issue of Distro, Brad Molen gives you [...]

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TECHPULSE September 19, 2012

New Gadgets Unity and Nintendo partner to bring Unity Engine, and its 1.2 million devs, to Wii U Unity Engine is best known for supporting mobile and digital titles, but Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason sees his company’s engine as more flexible than that. Nintendo apparently does as well, partnering with Unity on a worldwide [...]

Samsung Infuse 4G

Samsung to bring two Android devices with HD screen: Report

Samsung will introduce three smartphones with Super AMOLED displays and of them two will feature 720p HD native support. Samsung is said to be working on HD screen display bearing smartphones that would run Google Android operating system, reported by Italian Telephonio. According to the website, Samsung plans to bring six Android based handsets in coming [...]

Ice Cream Sandwich Google Android OS

The Latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich

Google is now sharply focusing on promoting its latest version of Android, the Ice Cream Sandwich. More advanced and feature-filled, this is also more user-focused than the previous versions. Here is a review of the Android Ice Cream Sandwich. Ice Cream Sandwich The latest Android Ice Cream Sandwich, while amazingly advanced technically, may not be [...]

TECHPULSE July 6, 2014

New Gadgets The TSA won’t let you board some flights unless your devices turn on You know how airport security will occasionally ask you to turn on a phone or laptop to prove that it isn’t hiding explosives? Well, that’s no longer just a rare inconvenience — if you take certain flights, it’s mandatory. The [...]

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battlefield 3

‘Battlefield 3′ beta launching September 29th

The long-awaited multiplayer beta for Electronic Arts' potential blockbuster Battlefield 3 will launch on Sept. 29. In a statement released Tuesday, EA revealed the testing period will be available … Read More...

Resident Evil 6 feature

Resident Evil 6 Expected to Launch in 2012 According to OPM Rumor

Resident Evil 6 Expected to Launch in 2012 According to OPM Rumor Ever since the supposed Comic-Con leak, rumors have been circulating the industry regarding Capcom’s Resident Evil 6. One sneaky … Read More...

Gamestop Tablets

Gamestop Begins Selling Tablets In-Store and Online Starting Today

Looks like Gamestop is ready to jump on the tablet craze (if there is one) with the addition of a few tablets making their way to the video game retailer starting today. Gamestop will be selling the … Read More...

PlayStation Vita

PlayStation Vita to hit U.S., Europe in 2012, Report says

PlayStation Vita to hit U.S., Europe in 2012, Report says The PlayStation Vita might not be hitting U.S. or European store shelves until next year, Bloomberg is reporting. According to the report, … Read More...