TouchSmart 620-1080 3D

HP TouchSmart 620-1080 3D Review

The HP TouchSmart 620-1080 3D ($1,899.99 direct) is HP’s first salvo in the battle to win the hearts and minds of 3D video enthusiasts. The system is powerful, has a stable 3D video system, and uses the same chassis as the award-winning, ergonomic HP TouchSmart 610 series. It’s a great system, but it will mostly [...]

TECHPULSE July 13, 2014

New Gadgets The Big Picture: Filming 360-degree video of the Aquarius underwater Reef Base When Fabien Cousteau embarked on a month-long underwater mission at the Aquarius science lab, Time wanted readers to enjoy as much of the journey from the comfort of their PC as possible. The solution? An interactive 360-degree video. Easy to say,… [...]

Steam PS3-Valve Set On Increasing Play Value of Portal 2, Praises Sony

Valve Set On Increasing Play Value of Portal 2, Praises Sony

For the first few years after the release of the PlayStation 3, Gabe Newell didn’t have very many kind words to say about Sony and their console. Then in late 2010, Gabe and other members of Valve started praising the architecture of the PSN over Xbox Live. At E3 last year, Gabe took the stage to announce Portal [...]

TECHPULSE September 23, 2012

New Gadgets Riot breaks out at Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant, reportedly over guards beating up a worker News just came in that workers at Foxconn’s Taiyuan plant have started a riot in the wee hours in China, and that police forces are on site to control the crowd. While the motive isn’t clear, Sina Weibo user [...]

TECHPULSE July 12, 2014

New Gadgets Google filtered World Cup search trend news to spare Brazil from further agony If you love Brazilian futebol, this has been an especially tough week; that devastating loss to Germany in the World Cup semi-finals was a shock to fans used to victory. Thankfully for you, Google feels your pain. The internet giant [...]

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Vaporware

Final Fantasy Versus XIII, the Most Mysterious Vaporware in History

Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been the biggest tease in gaming’s recent history. Originally announced in 2006, the title has become a glimmer of hope for both Final Fantasy and RPG fans in general. It was intended to be one of the biggest blockbuster exclusives on the PlayStation 3, but now that we’re years deep into the system’s [...]

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TECHPULSE September 22, 2012

New Gadgets Alt-week 9.22.12: Quantum Scotch tape, moving walls and scientific beer Alt-week peels back the covers on some of the more curious sci-tech stories from the last seven days. Sometimes, here at, we’re literally on the bleeding edge of technology. We get to explore concepts and ideas that are almost nebular in nature. [...]


Android: Pocket Informant – Amazon Free App of the Day

  Android: Pocket Informant – Free Pocket Informant allows you to manage your life in the easiest most versatile life management program on any mobile device! Use our exclusive Roles system to scale the interface to your needs and the Events Views to bring focus on what you have coming up! A super cool integrated calendar [...]

TECHPULSE July 9, 2014

New Gadgets Google, Dropbox, Canon and others team up to disarm future patent trolls Patent litigation from non-participating entities (casually known as “patent trolls”) is the bane of a technology firm’s legal department. Fighting patent lawsuits from firms that subsist completely on licensing and legal action is a frustrating… Sigourney Weaver joins original cast for [...]

LG Thrill 4G HTC HD7S att

LG Thrill 4G will arrive on September 4th, AT&T confirms

Following a series of delays and setbacks, it looks like the Thrill 4G will indeed be coming to AT&T on September 4th. The carrier confirmed the date late last night, in a tweet promising that LG’s glasses-free 3D handset will make our world “come alive.” Back in July, AT&T confirmed that the US version of the Optimus 3D would officially sell for $99, though that [...]

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Square Enix Reveals New Game Engine

Square Enix Reveals New Game Engine, Titled Luminous Studio

Square Enix has detailed their upcoming game engine, called Luminous Studio, which they will use to power their future titles. As reported by Impress Watch, and translated by Andriasang, the engine … Read More...

Nintendo Wii

LetterBomb hack for Nintendo Wii allows homebrew with System Menu 4.3

Most of the talk about Nintendo lately has been centered on how poorly the company has been performing financially of late. The Wii has seen sales decline as well as sales of software decline making … Read More...

battlefield 3

‘Battlefield 3′ beta launching September 29th

The long-awaited multiplayer beta for Electronic Arts' potential blockbuster Battlefield 3 will launch on Sept. 29. In a statement released Tuesday, EA revealed the testing period will be available … Read More...

Resident Evil 6 feature

Resident Evil 6 Expected to Launch in 2012 According to OPM Rumor

Resident Evil 6 Expected to Launch in 2012 According to OPM Rumor Ever since the supposed Comic-Con leak, rumors have been circulating the industry regarding Capcom’s Resident Evil 6. One sneaky … Read More...